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The PEXCITE manufacturer-independent software platform

Optimized software solutions, different user interfaces and constant new validations present pharmaceutical manufacturers with major challenges in terms of their daily data management. The open and manufacturer-independent software platform, PEXCITE, brings order and control to the multitude of data and applications: all processes and values are united on one base and user interface, which acts like its own operating system. PEXCITE has also been developed and designed for the demanding processes of the pharmaceutical industry. In this way, you are supported reliably, efficiently and entirely as needed for your short-term and long-term requirements.

You can now use the PEXCITE software platform to control your packaging process and all involved areas uniformly. This will save you and your employees valuable time and energy in day-to-day business, optimize the validation process and ensure maximum safety in the production chain. Thanks to the graphical and multi-user interface, your performance and efficiency are always in focus. And best of all, from anywhere in the world, you can view, control and manage your data. This allows you to bundle your production processes and equip yourself for all upcoming laws, regulations and new technologies.

As a lifetime partner for the pharmaceutical industry, we will accompany you step-by-step in your digitization both in terms of addressing everything that is required and in using existing resources. This is because every pharmaceutical company is positioned differently due to its products, machines, software solutions and locations. With Uhlmann, you can rely on an experienced team of experts that proves itself and grows every day. We are happy to be at your side with consulting, training and education to support you optimally in your projects. Take advantage of your opportunity and schedule a consultation today.

PEXCITE software platform specifically for the pharmaceutical industry:
  • Software platform for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Uniform data management for maximum efficiency
  • Graphical, multi-user interface for time-saving operation
  • Purely browser-based and thus independent of the end device
  • Manufacturer-independent solution from proven technologies


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