Reliable serialization – Secure tracking

With the proven machine portfolio for Uhlmann Track & Trace

When packaging your sensitive products, do you want maximum process reliability, counterfeit prevention and brand protection? Our machine portfolio has been specially developed for serialization, labeling and aggregation in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology sector. With targeted consulting and our modular units for every standard and norm, we offer you maximum security and flexibility. Uhlmann Track & Trace and our worldwide service enable you to respond quickly and reliably to changing specifications and laws.

Each machine solution includes smart printing technologies, label applications and inspection systems: allowing your sensitive products to be serialized, labeled and aggregated to the latest standards for international requirements and arrive at the patient in first-class form and efficacy. Together with our in-house, vendor-independent software platform, PEXCITE, you get to enjoy complete flexibility, making you prepared for the use of all production levels up to direct connection to ERP and government servers. What exactly are your requirements?

Use our expertise now to ensure both your success and the seamless tracking of your sensitive products with Uhlmann Track & Trace. We have been a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical industry for over 70 years and we would be happy to advise you personally and to present our proven machine portfolio to you.


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