The modular, comprehensive concept for the seamless traceability of pharmaceutical products and medical devices

Track & Trace by Uhlmann is the solution to comprehensively combat counterfeiting and to ensure product and process reliability. Our flexibly structured portfolio permits quick adaptation to individual customer requirements as well as to future serialization specifications.

Track & Trace by Uhlmann allows the implementation of four options:

  • Codification
  • Label tracking
  • Full serialization
  • Aggregation

Maximum flexibility: Our standalone solutions

The Uhlmann Serialization Platform USP is a compact standalone unit with fully automated format adjustment. The modularly designed platform, incorporating the functions printing, inspection, tamper-evident labeling, checkweighing, and top labeling, easily meets current statutory serialization requirements. It is ideal as a first step into the field of serialization and allows fast response to changing specifications.

The modular design of the unit means that it can be configured to suit each respective project. It can be used flexibly at various packaging machines and lines. Furthermore, significantly fewer revalidation measures are necessary than with an integrated solution.

Maximum flexibility: Our standalone solutions

The Uhlmann Labeling Platform (ULP) is a compact, standalone unit with fully automated format adjustment. The modularly designed platform for tamper-evident labeling can be extended with modules from the USP family, e. g., for checkweighing and top labeling.

Maximum flexibility: Our standalone solutions

The modular design of the Uhlmann aggregation platform UAP allows the implementation of aggregation solutions to meet a variety of requirements. The UAP offers flexible options to aggregate different packaging units (e.g., cartons, bottles, etc.) into a number of packaging levels (bundle, shipping case, or pallet). In addition, different units, or even packaging levels, can be decommissioned.

The platform can be used as a standalone unit or as an extension to existing packaging machines and lines. Various rework options can also be implemented as quick solutions to meet relevant needs.







Maximum modularity: Our software for your processes

At the heart of every Track & Trace application is a software solution that allows the acquisition and transfer of data. Data security measures ensure that serial numbers and codes cannot be duplicated or get lost.

The software, developed by Uhlmann internally, offers a flexible and modular system architecture that meets all extensive requirements. It is used to record, aggregate, and manage serialization data not only at machine level, but also at line management and site management level.

Linking to existing system landscapes as well as higher-ranking internal and external systems, such as government data bases, is likewise possible and has already been successfully implemented in numerous projects.

Maximum reliability: Our precision components for your line

Suitable, high-end, and thoroughly tried and tested components are needed to guarantee the required functionalities of a Track & Trace solution. The Uhlmann portfolio includes a broad range of printing technology and label application options, as well as intelligent OCR/OCV image data processing systems, and optimally coordinated printing and marking systems.

These standard components are combined to serve the respective applications and can be integrated into new Uhlmann machines as well as those already in operation. The same applies to lines and packaging machines from other manufacturers.

Maximum Reliability: Track & Trace EU FMD Readiness Check by Uhlmann

Being in a position to supply as of February 9, 2019 requires not only the appropriate hardware and software. The interplay of a variety of components must function.

An Uhlmann Track & Trace specialist can check the functionality of your printing and inspection systems, the performance of the installed software, as well as the interfaces of the various IT systems in the context of an on-site EU FMD Readiness Check.

You can secure reliable adherence to your consistently high standards and compliance with the new specifications through the EU FMD Readiness Check by Uhlmann. In this context, you receive a certificate verifying the operational reliability of your system.

Visit track-trace(at) today and inquire about the EU FMD Readiness Check.

Maximum customer orientation: Our global support for trouble-free projects

Track & Trace by Uhlmann focuses on the overall project. A broad selection of products and services are required in order to ensure clear-cut project planning and trouble-free project management worldwide.

  • Project Management (also turnkey projects)
  • Global Program Management
  • Business & Process Consulting
  • Software Services
  • Engineering & Customizing Services
  • On-site Installations
  • Training

Uhlmann presence worldwide plays a key role in customized Track & Trace solutions. Direct and prompt on-site support through the competent global services network ensures a smooth production process – over the entire life cycle of the lines, machines, and systems.

Our extensive expertise in system integration, our wide-ranging, tailored services, and our global presence make us a competent partner when it comes to smooth project management and a long-term cooperation.

About the OPEN-SCS Working Group

Uhlmann is a member of the OPEN-SCS Working Group (Open Serialization Communication Standard). In this capacity, it is helping to define and implement standardized, open communication interfaces between the various suppliers of tracking and tracing solutions in order to meet global serialization specifications.

OPEN-SCS is a commercial, open- source member subscription, combining the advantages of open source and the group membership. This allows members to efficiently and rapidly develop technology to deliver independent and open solutions. OpenThe OPEN-SCS Working Group was founded with the mission of enabling member organizations to benefit from the open- source ethos of a non-proprietary open standards and specifications built on innovation, independence and an open architecture.

Uhlmann is a GS1 solution partner

Uhlmann belongs to the circle of over 200 companies that undertake as solution partners to promote GS1 standards and their practical implementation in order to ensure fast, error-free, and reliable processes along the entire value-added chain of their customers. As a solution partner, we can access the GS1 database at all times. It covers all globally applicable tracking and tracing laws and regulations for pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We are actively notified about upcoming changes and are able to advise you at an early stage on appropriate Track & Trace solutions. Furthermore, we exchange views with other GS1 solution partners, work on joint projects, participate in expert workshops, and gain in-depth information through the Healthcare Experience knowledge center on issues such as digital value-adding networks, mobile commerce, and sustainability.

Visit the GS1 Germany website for more information >>